Monthly April, 2016

7 Tips for Moving With Pets

There’s not a lot about moving that’s easy. The whole process, from finding a new apartment to packing your stuff to getting everything from Point A to Point B, can be a huge hassle. One thing that can make this endeavor even more complicated? Having pets. Our furry friends can become just as stressed about

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Living With Roommates

While having a roommate isn’t the easiest task to take on, it’s one way to significantly lower your cost of living. But, living with another person, or multiple people, can be a daunting task when you realize all of the different habits that people have. But there are ways to prevent awkward situations from arising

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Green Living – UNCC Housing and UNCC Rentals

Many apartment complexes are going green by becoming Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED, certified. LEED is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class green building strategies and practices. Other ways apartments are making a push towards greener living is by installing energy-efficient appliances, low-flow shower plumbing, and providing complimentary recycling centers.

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