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Many apartment complexes are going green by becoming Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, or LEED, certified. LEED is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class green building strategies and practices. Other ways apartments are making a push towards greener living is by installing energy-efficient appliances, low-flow shower plumbing, and providing complimentary recycling centers.

There are infinite benefits to maintaining balance in the environment and preserving the planet’s natural resources. Some of these benefits include cutting costs, better quality of life and a more sustainable world. Here are a few ways you can help reduce your impact on the environment, even when living in an apartment complex:

Save Energy and Cut Costs

One of the greatest benefits of going green is that it can help cut costs as a community, a household or as an individual. Choosing an apartment complex that is within walking distance of public transportation will reduce the amount of car trips you make per month. If public transportation isn’t an option, some apartment communities offer carpool centers to assist residents in finding other transportation options.

Installing a programmable thermostat that adapts to your daily schedule is another great way to cut costs. Setting the thermostat to activate only while you’re at home can cut heating and cooling costs by 20%. If you’re looking to be environmentally-conscious while saving money, I suggest using a power strip to reduce your home’s “phantom load”. Devices that are plugged into an outlet can still use energy even when they aren’t being used. Investing in a power strip could potentially result in up to $200 in savings over the course of a year.

Better Quality of Life

Another way apartment complexes are making a positive impact on the environment is by using environmentally friendly products. These include cleaning products, pest control, and paints containing no volatile organic compounds, or VOC. Apartment complexes that use no VOC paint maintain better air quality throughout each room.

More Sustainable World

You can improve the quality of your own life by becoming more sustainable at home. Start with the things that are easiest to change such as how much water you waste, using a wash cloth instead of paper towels, and buying a water bottle or filtered water pitcher to use daily. Remember that every bit makes a difference. You can also be more sustainable by growing your own produce garden or grocery shopping at your local farmers market. Remember to opt for reusable tote bags while out shopping to reduce the amount of plastic bag waste.

Home is the best place to start your journey to a greener life. The small changes you make affect how much you spend each month and your quality of life and overall impact on the environment. What are some ways you’ve gone green at home?

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