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7 Small Expenses You’re Forgetting to Budget For

Sure, rent and utilities are easy to budget for. But what about all of those other tiny odds and ends you spend money on every day? Here are seven small expenses to add to your budget.

As much as we all want to go back to the times when we had no responsibilities or financial obligations, alas, this is not possible. Instead, we all have to take steps toward becoming better adults, which means learning important things like how to write a winning cover letter and, of course, how to budget.

Budgeting is an extremely complicated skill, though, and all of the seemingly miniscule expenses we pay for on a day-to-day basis make creating a solid budget even more complex. If you’re in the midst of getting your finances in order, take a look at these seven small expenses you may be forgetting to budget for:

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Safety Tips: Off-Campus housing and Room mates near UNC Charlotte

Safety Tips

1. Make sure you pick up all advertisements from the front yard or on the front porch. An accumulation of them can give the appearance that no one is home.
2. Get to know your neighbors. Not only will you gain new friends. but you will also get the added bonus of additional people looking out for you and your property, especially when you are away.
3. Do not leave ladders or other items someone could climb on laying around outside the house.
4. If you have an alarm system, use it.
5. Have security lights installed, and replace bad bulbs as needed.
6. Have all broken doors and windows repaired.
7. If a set of keys comes up missing have the lock replaced.
8. Keep bushes. shrubs, and trees trimmed back so they do not block widows.
9. Make every effort so it appears some-one is home, even when they are not. Leave a light and a radio or TV on in the house.
10. Buy timers for lights in your house so you are not coming home to a dark house at the end of the day.

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Happy Holidays 2020

Having a home for the holidays where you can celebrate with family and friends is something you should be very proud to have achieved.

In warm appreciation, we wish you Happy Holidays. May peace, joy, hope, and prosperity follow you into the New Year.

If you know of someone looking to receive the same outstanding service I provided you, I would appreciate if you would please pass on my contact information.

EMAIL: [email protected]